Oriana Kalama Has A Close Relationship With Animals Of The Ocean And Is Helping To Save Them.

Photo by Olivier Betremieux

Photo by Olivier Betremieux

Oriana Kalama is the founder of Ocean Defender Foundation which is a 501c-3 non-profit corporation established 2013, with the aim of ensuring and restoring the health of our oceans and marine communities.

Oriana has worked among the sea and its inhabitants for more than 20 years and knows that it is so vital to live in harmony with it. 

She has even established relationships with the wildlife, from tropical reef fish to humpback whales. And says, “ I think they are spiritual. I want to help the ocean, and I also want to help humans. I feel the animals talk to me. The only way you protect something if you love it. I want to save the planet I love the wind, the sea, the ocean, whales and turtles.”


"If we take care of the ocean, the ocean will take care of us."

Photo by Olivier Betremieux

Photo by Olivier Betremieux

Oriana had always lived an active lifestyle, with dancing, surfing, and yoga until she was involved in a car crash that changed her life, she could no longer do anything. 

While at home she saw posts from Sea Shepherd about whales being slaughtered, how the ocean was running out of fish, and plastic /rubbish was polluting the oceans. So she started a Facebook page sharing what she knew about the ocean and started to consider ways to help.

One of Oriana's projects is s sea turtle conservation in Panama, where several different species of turtles come to the beach to nest. In 1992 they had 20,000, and last year there was 5,000. 

“I go to the beach and prevent people and coyotes from taking the eggs”. Says Oriana, who's found creative ways of hiding the eggs.


If you want to help save the species, you can volunteer with Oriana, where you get up close to these magnificent turtles. Or donate.

“If we all got involved and helped our communities, we could see a tremendous improvement in the quality of life of our ocean creatures, and together we can make a difference”. Oriana says. 

Photocourtesy of Ocean Defender Foundation

Photocourtesy of Ocean Defender Foundation

Oriana believes education is important. She is creating awareness by working with the community, visiting local schools and youth centres, and says, “Our children learn about our current ocean problems and how to take action from a very early age.”


Eight ways you can help save the ocean.

1. REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE ALL PLASTICS. Say no to the plastic bag when shopping, instead take a shopping bag with you. Don’t buy your children too many plastic toys, they all end up in the trash. Gillnets and rubbish is a huge problem worldwide. People can help by  not using straws, plastic bags, to go coffee cups and water bottle (use famous video of

2. Save electricity at home and the office. Reducing your carbon footprint is very important. We use too much fossil fuels to power the world. Unless you are on solar, save electricity.

3. Save water. It's is one of our most precious resources. 

4. Find and buy local organic produce as much as possible.Supporting your local organic farmers benefits everyone. Reducing your carbon footprint by not importing goods.. Plant a garden. Save money and connect with the source that gives us food and life.

5. Plant a garden. Save money and connect with the source that gives us food and life.

6. Use Eco-friendly products in the home and the office.
Everything that goes down your drain, the toilet, the kitchen sink, or the bathroom, all ends up in the ocean so things like bleach and heavy chemicals should not be used as they are harmful. Additionally, toothpaste, soaps, shampoos and conditioners, lotions, makeup and everything at home should be earth friendly.

7. Help clean up your local beaches as much as you can. Find a beach clean up in your area.

8. Make more home cooked meals and snacks for your family.