Divers Set A New Guinness World Record Cleaning Trash From The Ocean.

Ocean trash

Ocean trash

June 15, 2019, 633 scuba divers from around the world went to Deerfield Beach, Florida, becoming the largest group of people to participate in an underwater cleanup. Collecting over 1,500 pounds of trash and bringing attention to a growing problem.

Ahmed Gabr held the previous Guinness World Record with 614 divers on June 5, 2015, in the Red Sea, Egypt. For the most participants in an underwater clean-up.

RJ Harper is one of the divers who participated in this historical event and explains why it's important to him.

Scuba diver RJ Harper was one of 633 divers to break the world record.  ScubaDoRag  is one of his favorite diver accessories

Scuba diver RJ Harper was one of 633 divers to break the world record. ScubaDoRag is one of his favorite diver accessories

"I am a professionally trained and PADI-certified scuba diver and friends online with Afroz Shah. All responsible scuba divers are environmentalists on some level because scuba requires that you deeply learn to respect our delicate marine life and the ecosystems of our seas. Afroz is my personal hero and you should look at the incredible work he is doing for our planet."

"Mankind is doing much damage to the ocean by dumping eight million tons of garbage, plastic and even nuclear waste into the sea. The damaged Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan has been leaking thousands of tons of nuclear waste water into the ocean daily since 2011. The ocean is currently experiencing an emergency and humans have only explored about 5% the ocean. Ruining the ocean will ultimately ruin the planet so more of us have to stand up now before it's too late. We are certainly not going in the right direction with our environmental policies under the Trump administration. So helping organize this Guinness Book of World Records dive at Deerfield Beach, Florida on June 15 is my small way of raising more awareness about what is happening to our oceans particularly as it relates to dangerous micro-plastics that even exist in bottle water now. "

Why is it vital that people make lifestyle changes?

"Humans are ruining the planet! Point blank! If some of us don't stand up now and sound the alarm bells globally, then the next generation is not going to have much marine life in the oceans at all. Scientists predict that by 2050, due to overfishing, plastic pollution and garbage dumped into our oceans each day, there may not be any fish left in the ocean by that time. I think that reality would be a global travesty, but unfortunately, some people would just sit back and let that reality play out without saying or doing anything. Humans have driven so many beautiful species off the planet with their insane ignorance and greed. So this dive in Florida is a way for environmentally-conscious scuba divers to stand up again and make a bold statement to the world and we hope that other like-minded scuba divers break our record in another location very soon".

To help make a difference support organizations such as 4ocean

4ocean, collecting trash from ocean.

4ocean, collecting trash from ocean.

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